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Code of Conduct

Policy # 23 - Adopted: 2017.10.17

All users of The Centre are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. With this expectation in mind, a Code of Conduct has been established. It is expected that all groups and individuals, when participating in activities, programs, or events or using the facility, will adhere to the Code of Conduct.


Acts of violence, disrespect for authority, unsportsmanlike conduct, misuse or abuse of the facility or equipment, or use of foul language or gestures will not be tolerated. Infractions will be dealt with by The Board of Directors of the The Centre who reserve the right to remove individuals from programs or from the facility for a stipulated period of time, if necessary.

In keeping with standard expectations of social etiquette, the following will be considered unacceptable behaviours:

  1. Activities that infringe on the rights and safety of The Centre members, staff, and volunteers;

  2. Destruction of The Centre materials, equipment, furniture, or grounds;

  3. Inappropriate use of computers and the internet;

  4. Inappropriate behaviour, gestures, or language that disturb other members;

  5. Acts of violence toward others. This includes verbal, social or physical bullying, and/or harassment;

  6. Inconsiderate or discourteous behaviour towards Centre participants, staff, or volunteers;

  7. Infractions against the The Centre policies regarding loitering, sales, or solicitation;

  8. Possession, use, or sale of alcohol or controlled substances;

  9. Discrimination relating to a Protected Ground as defined by the Canadian Human Rights Act.

  10. Vandalism or littering in The Centre or on its grounds;

  11. Violation of any city, provincial, or federal laws and ordinances;

  12. Violation of smoking ordinances, both inside or outside of the building;

  13. Failure to maintain personal cleanliness and good hygiene.   

The Centre reserves the right to remove patrons from the facility and/or programs via suspension or, in extreme cases, cancellation of membership for periods of time determined by the Directors.

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