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Recreation – Education – Wellness for 50+
100% of the activities and events at The Centre
are organized and delivered by volunteers!

Come find your place with us!
The Centre is dedicated to meeting the needs of the seniors in our community and depends on committed volunteers like you.
Building bonds and connections with fellow volunteers directly counteracts social isolation and working as a team serving others is a great way to feel connected to a community. 
It feels good to contribute to organizations that mean something to you and helping others can give your life new meaning,  keep you mentally stimulated and boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.
You may even find a sense of purpose through volunteering in becoming part of something greater than yourself. The health benefits of volunteering are many and potent!
“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth” – Muhammad Ali

Some of our Amazing Volunteers


*Check out our Handbook for more information on Volunteering

Contact Tracy, Dir. Volunteer Program & Community Engagement 

250 328 2971 (call/text)

Thanks for volunteering!

Kitchen Support
Has volunteered for 25 years!
Admin Support
Margarita 2022-08.JPG
Tuesday Lunch Coordinator
Holly 2022-08.JPG
Activity Leader
Carol 2022-08.JPG
Accounting Assistant
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