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Vision & Mission

Recreation – Education – Wellness for 50+
Our Vision

The vision of the Penticton Seniors’ Drop-In Centre (PSDIC) is that all seniors are able to:

  • Enjoy companionship of others in an inclusive, caring, supportive, safe, and affordable environment;

  • Participate in a variety of activities, programs, and events which support & enhance their physical, social, and intellectual well-being;

  • Participate in continuous learning opportunities that will enrich, inform, inspire, and;

  • Experience meaningful volunteering opportunities that utilize their wisdom and experience.

Our Mission

In order to achieve our vision, PSDIC has as its mission to:

  • Provide opportunities that encourage meaningful social connections;

  • Offer a progression or continuum of experiences that encourage seniors to continue to participate;

  • Provide stimulating recreational activities, programs, and events that are meaningful to seniors, allow for self-development, and support life-long learning;

  • Create a welcoming and safe environment that is responsive to the needs and interests of a changing population;

  • Identify and reduce barriers that prevent involvement of older adults;

  • Encourage and facilitate opportunities for volunteering that utilize the expertise, knowledge, and wisdom of the senior population; and.

  • Manage a community building and update the facility, as needed, in order to meet the changing needs and expectations of the senior community.

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